PTSD: Generational Transmission

oie_transparent“Generational Transmission” is a term found in psychology books. A more descriptive phrase: “Like father – like son”.

My PTSD was turned inward as depression/suicide rather than outward as rage as it manifested in my mother. Both these conditions are driven by intense, uncontrollable feelings that surface without warning.

My mother was diagnosed by a psychiatrist when she was in her early thirties  as suffering from “Shell Shock.” I never will forget the look on her face as she finally understood her violent outbursts and compulsive anxiety had a name – that meant she could be helped – she finally had Hope! But there wasn’t any further treatment. She was left on her own to deal with behavior she couldn’t control – or felt she couldn’t – because the feelings were so sudden, intense and unmanageable.

PTSD for Native Americans ( though varying from tribe to tribe) and Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are roughly the same: 25-30% of the respective populations.

Suicides reported for Native Americans the same age as active duty soldiers are 30.62 per 100,000. (American Association of Suicidology). Veterans Today states in 2010 the suicide deaths among service men were 22 per 100,000. The rate for the general public is 8.9 per 100,000.

Statistics bear witness that WAR is the infamous link between these two groups suffering from PTSD…and Native Americans were handed down through the ages a generational soul sickness that persists.

It’s too easy to say that War against the Indians was over a century ago and they “should just get over it” – anymore than we can tell our service people to “just get over it“. These intense feelings are transmitted to families that suffer the aftereffects of suicide of a loved one and/or subjected to the violent rages that typify PTSD and further the individuals cultures/populations descent into a deadly Vicious Circle of War/PTSD.

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